Monday, January 27, 2014

Nullcon HackIM 2014 :: Trivia 1-5

Trivia 1 :
This esoteric programming language uses AWSUM THX and O NOES as error handling.
Searching for "AWSUM THX" and the top entry is
So the answer is "LOLCODE"

Trivia 2 :
What software is used to hack into ENCOM's computer system?
If you had watched the movie "Tron", you might remember names like MCP but the actual software used to hack into ENCOM is "CLU"

Trivia 3 :
Outcome of Stealth Project to make coffee.
"Java" :D

Trivia 4 :
Successor of the DEAD persistent object format
DEAD persistent object format basically refers to Java Class file. It has been eventually replaced by RMI. :D

Trivia 5 :
Oheebhtuf O6700 "havavgvnyvmrq" zrzbel (48-ovg)
If you do a quick google for "havavgvnyvmrq", the top hit might be
Looking at the page, you will realised it's a Caesar Cipher shift or simply ROT13.
You will get "Burroughs B6700 "uninitialized" memory (48-bit)"

Using the new found clues, "Burroughs B6700 "uninitialized" memory (48-bit)"
You will find the following page.
The "uninitialised" memory is actually "0xBADBADBADBAD" which is the answer. :D

Have Phun

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