Monday, January 27, 2014

Nullcon HackIM 2014 :: Programming 1

For this particular challenge, we were given with the following clues.

One evening Holmes visits Watson looking thinner and paler than usual and with the knuckles of one hand burst and bleeding. Holmes asks Watson if he has ever heard of Professor Moriarty and Watson replies that he has not. Holmes explains that Professor Moriarty is the central organizational force of a large portion of criminal activity in the city of London. Holmes also describes Moriarty as his intellectual equal and the Napoleon of Crime.

To find out the extent of Moriaty’s criminal network, Holmes decided the break the encrypted communication happening in Moriaty’s criminal network. To make the communication secure and at the same time easy, Moriaty devised an algorithm to generate passwords (consisting only lowercase alphabets) that are easy to remember.

Holmes has got access to one of the communication, Holmes challenge is to gather passwords as many as possible.

Holmes requires you help!!!

Connect to

Based on the clues, i guess we are supposed to write a Client application to connect to the server,, and passed in the correct parameters.
After playing around with the server, we need to send in 20 words that are commonly used in SPAM mails.
Thus, i developed this simple script.

Using the Python script, we will eventually get the flag.

The flag is "f94b50f9972398811e7d76928d2e87d4"


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