Monday, January 27, 2014

Nullcon HackIM 2014 :: Misc 1

The clues given to us are
 "Sam has parked his car in front of a store. Find the name of the store."

and we were also given a .pcap file I've uploaded a copy of the .pcap file here First thing i did was load the .pcap file into Wireshark and check whether there are any file objects and i saw just 1 image.

As the question was "Find the name of the store" So i extracted the image and try to see whether there are any GPS information in the file. So i use to check for GPS information. Surprisingly there is indeed GPS information and Google Maps as shown below

Making use of Google Maps's Street View, i found this.

Ok and the answer to this challenge is..... "Wells Fargo" :D


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