Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CodeGate CTF 2011 : Binary - 100 Points

CodeGate CTF 2011 : Binary - 100 Points

File given to us:
This is the original file:

Recommended Tools:
Windows Script Decoder ( - Decode encoded stuff by Microsoft Script Encoder
FireBug (
TriD (

Analysing the File:
Using file and TriD and i cannot correctly identify what is this file. Then i opened up in Notepad++ and i find it familiar.
Thank goodness i'm a fan of Yosuke Hasegawa and i saw that this file bears resemblance to his jjencode (

Ok, now i may be on the right track that this file may be encoded with how do i decode this? :(
I started googling for a decoder and i found this website (
But sadly it couldn't work for this. :(

Solving the Puzzle:
Finally, after several hours. i found this, Microsoft Script Encoder (
Could it be using this? So instantly i googled for the decoder for this and i found this useful tool, Windows Script Decoder (
So i downloaded and tried it and i got back some Obfuscated looking Javascript like this.

Immediately, i placed the Obfuscated Javascript into a html file and start using Firebug to debug it.
Finally, i got the following key CodeGate_JavaScriptEncode_Key with value "120a151156120a163t111163120lea163u162e!" in the DOM tab. :P


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