Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solution for : Level 701 - Hey, where are you from?

Solution for : Level 701 - Hey, where are you from?

This is the link to the original challenge:

When all the HTTP vars are [OK] you will find the password!
Forwarded: ([FAILED]
OS: (Unix)[FAILED]
Via: ([FAILED]

Tools Required:
Logic Behind this challenge:
Well from initial analysis, it seems that the author of this challenge wanted us to fake our data to conform to what he / she wanted.

So let's use Modify Headers and fill it with these information as shown in the image below.
After we have started it, and we try to refresh the challenge page. It will look like this.

It seems like we are required to get it right if we use a Mac or Ubuntu. But in this case, i prefer to use User Agent Switcher and changed it to Android user agent.

After changing to that, we smelled success and immediately. The answer appeared right before our eyes.

The password is: httpheaders


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